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With the online landscape evolving, how does your LinkedIn or Handshake profile appear? Now is an ideal moment to refine your online presence. Here are some tips for optimizing your profile

Profile Picture

Does your profile picture look professional? Make sure your photo is on the perfect ratio between half of your body up. Do not put a full-body picture. It will be harder for employers to recognize your face. How about your attire? Make sure you are wearing something formal enough to show your professional side. Don’t forget to smile and avoid selfies for a better result.

About Section

Almost every online profile will have an about or profile summary section. What did you write in this section? Make sure to highlight your highest achievement while showing what makes you different from others. You can also include different skills such as language, computer, or even certifications that can market you better.

Work and Volunteer Experience

What information do you have under your work experience? Make sure you explain your experience by using the PRAQ rules. Use Power Verb, Result, Action, and Quantity to make your bullet points measurable. You can use the same rule if you have any volunteer work experience to include in your profile.

Education, License and Certification

Not sure where to start? Start from your college experience. Include all the useful information from your college to make you stand out. Student association experience, activities, scholarship, and even a high GPA can be included to add more value. Also, do you know that there is a specific section to put your license & certification? Use them accordingly.

Skills, Endorsement and Recommendations

Don’t leave this part blank! Do you know why? This is the part where the employers can confirm what you have been describing yourself in your profile. Nicely ask your managers, coworkers, or anyone you work with for their experience in learning your work ethic. Then, for your own benefit, give them your recommendations too.

Brand Yourself

Last but not least, make sure your brand is consistent and professional. When we talk about your own branding, we are talking about your name, email, profile URL, and your own website (if you have one). Make sure your name is neutral and professional. Do not make it complex, so it is easier for people to find and remember you.