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The following checklist is applicable to for-credit internship experiences at BYU–Hawaii. The Career Studio encourages students to plan their internships three to six months ahead of time to avoid last-minute registration and approval delays. Please be aware that some internship experiences (depending on the internship provider) require students to begin the process a year in advance. Please pay close attention to application deadlines for semester registration and deadlines set by the internship provider. Here are a few things to remember as you start planning your internship.


Students must have completed at least 60 credits total, as well as at least eight credits within the field of study. Individual programs may apply additional requirements. In addition, the student must be in good academic, financial, Title IX, and honor code standing while preparing for, immediately upon leaving, and during the full internship period. It is also expected that students will attend an internship preparation workshop to prepare to represent the university.

Visa Requirements

For our international students, please take note as this information is important to your internship experience and visa requirements. When registering for your internship international students may take no less than 12 credits for fall and winter semesters and no less than eight in spring semesters. If an international student is on an approved reduced course load or annual leave semester, the student must be enrolled with full-time credits immediately after the RCL or annual leaver semester. Annual leave will only be granted after the international student has been in school for two full semesters. You can read more about the requirements for your visa status under Maintaining Visa Status on the International Student Services page.


Internship credit is awarded based on the normal academic standard of 45 hours/credit/semester. One credit hour equals 45 hours of work. These hours may include preparation, training, reflection, writing, completion of the internship, and final presentation. Internship credits should be proportional to the actual number of hours completed. Students should discuss the total number of credits appropriate for their experience and can work with their internship Ccoordinator to decide the appropriate number of credits for the experience. Please see the internship policy for more details concerning your internship. Remember, late internship requests may take longer to process, and students are not allowed to receive credit for non-registered internships retroactively.

Internship Application Checklist

Step 1: Academic Advising

Meet with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will check your eligibility for the experience and if you meet the qualifications they will add your for-credit internship to your map. Registrars will not be able to register you for the course if this has not been done.   

Step 2: Internship Coordinator

Meet with your internship coordinator. See the list of internship coordinators. Discuss with your Internship Coordinator how this experience will help you with your career goals, professional development, and establish your three learning objectives. These learning objectives will need to be applied to your Handshake application later in the application process.  

Step 3: Get Hired

Get hired by a company. The Career Studio is happy to assist, guide, and provide support in your search to find an experience that is right for you. It is ultimately up to you to find where, when, and who you complete your internship experience with.

If you need help with finding an experience please help us, help you by thinking about where, when, why, and who you want to do this experience with. Think about what industry and job duties you want to perform during this experience. Be as specific as possible with your search. Only you know what is best for you, your skillset, and what will meet your expectations. Be specific and calculated, target your efforts and energy where you want to be. We suggest finding an experience close to where you want to live, in the industry you want to work, and if possible, the specific organization you wish to work with upon completion of your schooling. This will help you to build the right network and relationships and will contribute to your future success!!  

Step 4: Offer Letter

Once you've been hired, you will need an offer letter that states: your name, your start and end date, approximate hours you will work (weekly or in total), amount of pay (or unpaid), and the job description. Later you will be asked to upload this letter to your Handshake application. You can also ask one of our career mentors for assistance to add this to your application.

In your offer letter, it should state what responsibilities and duties you will have while on this experience. The letter should tie the experience into your major and show how your academic learning will apply to the experience. 

Step 5: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Each Handshake application (internship experience) requires a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BYU–Hawaii and the internship provider. Before your Handshake application approval process can begin this signed MOU needs to be uploaded to your application. These MOU’s are an agreement between the internship provider and BYU–Hawaii and states the responsibilities each organization has to you as a student during this experience. Download the MOU from your Handshake application and ask your internship provider to read and sign. We prefer to use this MOU for each experience. If there are questions or requests to revise verbiage on the MOU please email We will review the request, and seek approval from our legal counsel to make the requested changes. If the changes are accepted we will provide you with the amended MOU to send to your internship provider. Once your internship provider signs the MOU please upload the completed MOU to your Handshake application.

Step 6: Register/Apply on Handshake for internship experience

Log into and register your experience. Select "Career Center," > "Experience," > "Request a New Experience," and complete the form. Upload your offer letter, MOU, learning objectives, and your signed assumption of risk waiver to your experience.

When creating your learning objectives please keep these questions in mind. First, "How does this internship directly relate to my major?" Second, "Why is this experience a critical and integral part of my educational program?" Lastly, "How will I apply relevant knowledge and skills from my classroom learning to this experience?"

To ensure your desired experience is approved it is important that you tie the internship experience to your major and show how it is going to help you improve your skills, education, and professional development. Each internship experience needs to be relevant to your major.

Step 7: Academic Internship Approval

Once these other steps are completed kindly contact the Career Studio so we can begin the approval process on your Handshake application. You can email us here at The approvals are done sequentially and will begin once all of these needed documents and steps are completed. Approvals and verification of your Handshake application may need to be reviewed by the following: Financial Services, IWORK (if IWORK student), program lead and or internship coordinator, Office of the Registrar, and International Student Services (if international student).

We encourage students interested in an internship to begin the process three to six months in advance. This will help to ensure that your experience is approved, and you are registered on time. Sometimes, depending on the internship provider, the application may need to start up to a year in advance. Please be aware of this as you begin to research if an internship is right for you.

Specific BYU–Hawaii Major or Department Internship Requirements and Additional Information