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Internship Application Checklist
Step 1: Academic Advising
Meet with your academic advisor to put your internship on your Mapper.
Step 2: Internship Coordinator
Meet with your internship coordinator. See the list of internship coordinators.
Step 3: Get Hired
Get hired by a company you want to intern for.
Step 4: Offer Letter
Once you have been hired, you will need an offer letter that states: your name, your start and end date, approximate hours you will work (weekly or in total), amount of pay (or if unpaid), and the job description.
Step 5: Memorandum of Understanding
Each company needs a current (or within the last 2 years) signed Memorandum of Understanding. The Career Services Studio can assist you in finding out if your company has one.
Step 6: Register on Handshake
Log into and register your experience. Select "Career Center," > "Experience," > "Request a New Experience" and fill out the form. Upload your offer letter and MOU to your experience.
Step 7: Academic Internship Approval
Please contact Career Services so we can begin the approval process. Approvals and verification will need to be received by the following: Financial Services, IWORK Office (if IWORK student), internship coordinator, Registrar's Office, and International Student Services.