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How to Write a Cover Letter

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page writing message which is sent with an application that supply information about the position you are applying for. It is a chance for you to explain your interest of working in the company. Remember a well-written cover letter can assist you to stand out among the rest of the applicant.

When to submit a cover letter

• If the position requires: It can be found under their job applications if you are required to send a cover letter. If it stated optional, prepare one and send it with your application.

• If the employer requested one during the interview: If you apply for a position without requiring a cover letter and got called for an interview, they would still want their hiring managers to review it. It does not happen often, but it is possible. It is always important to have one printed copy of your cover letter even it does not require it.

• If you know the name of the hiring manager: Address them out in your cover letter to the hiring manager.

Immediate Value

Your first impressions are important. A compelling cover letter is your first step to stand out to be considered as a strong candidate among the other employees. Directly emphasizing your strengths will help ‘sell you,’ pulling the reader’s attention and increases the possibility to progress through the selection process.

Unique Fit

A cover letter is an essential way to present how your unique skills and experience have met the key requirements for the job descriptions. It is your opportunity to demonstrate clearly the knowledge, and the abilities, and the needs of the employer.


The words in your cover letter will express your personality in a way that your resume will not be able too. The tone of your letters will give your employers an idea of your special personality and the traits that will value their team. It gives you a chance to explain why you will be good for the position in your own words.


Having a well-written cover letter shows the employer that you have taken the time to understand the company's needs and job requirements. It is an opportunity to show that you are interested in the role.