International Institute of Professional Protocol



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~A professional program that builds confidence for the workplace teaches soft skills, interview skills, resume building & tips to enhance your professional appearance~


Alumni & Career Services and Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation have worked together on this 2015 program at Heber Grand Building:

Oct 8th from 2:30pm-7:40pm (Thursday)
Oct 9th from 12:10pm-7:40pm (Friday)
Oct 10th from 8:00am-5:10 (Saturday) 

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A Pizza Party for the graduates from the program (only) will take place at the conclusion of the program in the HGB upstairs on Oct 10th from 6-8pm.

Qualification of IIPP Certificate and access to the Celebration:

  • Must be a BYUH student
  • Must attend minimum 6 courses

What is IIPP? 
“Barbara Barrington Jones’ International Institute of Professional Protocol teaches both the principles and practices that are critical to stand out in today’s challenging job market.” 
In accordance with Brigham Young University Hawaii's mission to prepare students for the next chapters in their lives, the International Institute of Professional Protocol (IIPP) has been developed to educate participants about the code of behavior in diverse professional situations. 
Sponsored by Barbara Barrington and Barbara Jones Foundation, the institute is geared toward helping students develop job-seeking skills and other qualities that will help them stand out in the interview process and the work place.
IIPP is not solely for aspiring businessmen and women but for students of all disciplines. Developed toward the refinement and professional polish that every hopeful employee needs, IIPP's goal is "to give students the confidence and refinement needed to venture out into today’s workplace" no matter what profession each student seeks for. 

Benefits for the Students 

-Research shows that #1 reason most students don’t get jobs, is because of a lack of soft skills. These soft skills are not taught in the classroom. Barbara Barrington Jones was touched by the problem and decided to help the students of BYUH obtain these skills, so they can be successful in both their academic and professional lives. 
-The IIPP program represent a great opportunity for students from all over the world to obtain the necessary tools to successfully manage the transition between their education and their future career. World-renowned image consultant and philanthropist, Ms. Barbara Barrington Jones, founded the International Institute of Professional Protocol as a fulfillment of her vision to help “genuine gold” students of BYU-Hawaii become “refined gold.” 
-Economically this helps students get jobs. Socially this helps students by improving communication skills, professional appearance, and increased confidence.
-At the end of the conference, some of the students are chosen for an internship in the field of their studies to further their experience and increase their networking portfolio.