Career Milestones

BYU-Hawaii Action Plan

The BYU-Hawaii Action Plan is set up to make sure students are on pace to graduate and move to a career after graduation by having certain tasks completed after earning a specific amount of credits.

By 30 creditsFirst Year/30 credits

By the end of your first year, you should make a purposeful selection of a major.

Students should be able to:

1.1 Describe personal preferences, strengths, interests, values
1.2 Describe career opportunities from the major, in the home region
1.3 Declare a major and have a nine-semester MAP

By 60 creditsSecond Year/60 credits

By the end of the second year, you should prepare for an internship opportunity, by: 

2.1 Creating a professional resume
2.2 Expressing a personal, professional introduction and/or completing a practice interview 
2.3 Identifying an experiential learning (internship) opportunity

By 90 CreditsThird Year/90 credits

By the end of the third year, you should have a job offer or admittance to graduate school, by

3.1 Being actively engaged in a personal network

3.2 Creating Job Search Plan or Graduate School Plan