Before the Interview

Preparation is a necessity. The better prepared you are the better your interview will go. Familiarize yourself with the position and company for which you are applying. Google the company, talk to employees or ex-employees of the company, talk to professors, learn all you can. Example: What are the companies values/mission statement? What does the company do? What are some projects the company currently is working on? What skills is the position you are applying for seeking? Why do I want to work for this particular company?

Career Services offers virtual and face-to-face mock interview practice:

Virtual Mock Interview 
A realistic simulated interviewing program that allows you to practice your interviewing skills. All you need is a webcam if not come into Career Services and use ours. Interview Stream helps you practice your interviewing skills online - log in using your CES Net ID

Interview Stream

Face-to-Face Mock Interview
Improve your interviewing skills and get instant feedback to prepare for professional interviews. Career Services provides Face-to-Face interviewing practice. Schedule an appointment with Career Services 808-675-3533.

The Actual Interview

Don't be Late
Arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview time. Missed or late appointments are viewed negatively. Provide enough time for traffic or bus delays and parking. 

Dress Professionally
It is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed in an interview. Dress to impress, and look like a professional. If in doubt, wear a suit!

- Matching suits and shined shoes are recommended for men and women.
- Dark colors are recommended for interviews: navy blue, dark grey, brown, black...
- Have neatly groomed hair. Wear minimal jewelry.

- A man's shoes should be the same color as his belt, socks should go over calves.
- A conservative tie for men - tied with the tip ending in the middle of the belt.
- Men should be clean or close shaven.
Quick Tips (PDF)

- Skirts worn at or below the knee length.
- Women's pant suits are OK, but skirted suits are the most formal.
- Women should wear blouses and closed toe shoes.
- Keep makeup understated and natural.
Quick Tips (PDF)

What to Bring
Organize your documents in a portfolio with a nice pen. Documents to bring might include:

- Resume
- Transcripts
- Application
- List of references

Tip: Turn off your cell phone

During the Interview

- Listen attentively and be aware of your body language. Ask questions. 
- Have questions ready for the interviewer at the end of your interview. This shows your interest in the position and that you are prepared.
- Answer the question that is being asked.
- Thank the interviewer, express interest in the position, shake hands and leave.
Tip: Ask when you can expect to hear from them & get their business card!

Follow Up

Send a thank you card with in 24 hours of the interview.